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HNMC offers a comprehensive array of medical services and resources delivered by top-notch physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals. HNMC is committed to providing quality, safe and compassionate care to you & your family.

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Patient Stories

Every patient at Holy Name Medical Center has a story to tell. Our patients are fascinating individuals who are constantly inspiring us. Patient narratives tell the story of Holy Name. Here are just a few of them.

Acevedo Family

A Unique BirthPlace Experience

By the time she arrived at Holy Name Medical Center for a scheduled c-section, Mabel Acevedo had accepted the fact that her husband, United States Army Staff Sergeant, Emilio Acevedo,III, could not be with her, because he was deployed to...

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Maret Asaro

Triathlons, even with MS

Maret Asaro's feet flapped occasionally when she walked and she had some numbness in her legs and hands but she wasn't too concerned - she figured it was a pinched nerve somewhere. But one day while driving she lost her sight whenever she looked down.

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Auguste Family

Twins Born at HNMC's BirthPlace

When Megan Auguste, 35, learned she was pregnant with twins last July there was no question in her mind that she would be delivering at Holy Name Medical Center. Her first son, Lucien III, 3, was born there, but her connection to the Teaneck hospital extends even farther back.

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Laura Ayala

Battling Breast Cancer between Softball Games

When Laura Ayala learned she had breast cancer, she only had two questions: Was she going to lose her hair? And when could she get back on the softball field? Laura, 51, had been playing the sport since she was nine, through...

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Janette Basantes

Heart Attack Survivor at 41

Heart disease runs in her family but Janette didn't think she'd have a heart attack at such a young age. It was the day after Thanksgiving in 2013 and Janette Basantes wasn't feeling quite right. She thought it might have been something she ate and when...

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Laurie Byro

MS Patient

Poetry saved Laurie Byro's spiritual life. It has also played a major role in helping her deal with MS. Not the symptoms from the disease but the way people treat her. "I'm unwell but I look fine," Laurie, 56, said. "So people assume you're faking it when they see you...

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Janet Capone

Breast Cancer Survivor

A few years ago, a routine mammogram conducted at another healthcare facility revealed early signs of cancer in Janet Capone's left breast. The New Jersey native and former flight attendant was very familiar with this disease after watching...

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Marjorie Catania

Music keeps her going

Music doesn't just provide entertainment for Marjorie Catania - it's become her lifeline. During her 40-year battle with MS, Marjorie credits music with "keeping me alive." Through her many ups and downs, she never gave up her cornet, playing...

Read Marjorie's story

Donna Dugan

Thriving after Breast Cancer

Donna Dugan is the first to say she used to be a hypochondriac. Until she got breast cancer. Then she figured one of her biggest fears actually happened and she's still standing. Not only is she still standing, she's stronger and more vibrant...

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Joseph Clausi

Old Life is New with Bladder Reconstruction

Joseph Clausi was stunned when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and told he had no options. At 60, he needed a cystectomy (bladder removal) and would have to get used to having a bag outside his body to collect urine. His active lifestyle...

Read Joseph's story

Leslie Ferrier

From Despair to Hope

When Leslie Ferrier says Dr. Picone of Holy Name Medical Center saved her life, she isn't indulging in hyperbole. She had been planning her own suicide, trying to decide when and where so it wouldn't be messy. At 41, she had just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis...

Read Leslie's story

Chuck Gerity

Heart Attack Survivor

It was a warm summer day. Chuck Gerity had just returned from the gym and was looking forward to a swim. A familiar face in the community, Chuck is a retired police officer and now works as vice president of operations at Holy Name Medical Center. After his usual...

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Joan Goldman

Cardiology Patient

Heart disease runs in Joan Goldman's family. Her father saw a cardiologist regularly and her mother had severe heart problems. When Joan felt short of breath walking her Yorkie near her home last summer, she wondered if she would be next.

Read Joan's story

Nicholas Harper

Treated for PAD

For 74-year-old Nicholas Harper, putting socks on every day was an excruciating ordeal. "I had to wear slip on shoes all the time because I couldn't lace anything up but the shoes weren't as hard as the socks. Putting on socks was very difficult. It was crippling."

Read Nicholas's story

Beatriz Jaramilo

Stroke Survivor

It was a Wednesday morning, Summer 2012. Beatriz Jaramillo, now 60, was working out with her personal trainer, when suddenly, her head fell to the right and she felt very tired. Thinking it was probably just low blood sugar, her trainer ran to get her juice; yet, within...

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Suann Klechinski

Unrelenting Migraine Finally Stopped

Suann suffered with migraines since she was a teenager - usually once a month or so - but found relief with medication. Then, a few years ago, she got one that just wouldn't go away. Ever...

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Laura Mack

Ovarian Cancer - Fight is Life-Changing

Laura Mack was making ends meet by bartending after losing her banking job but she was eating all the wrong things at all the wrong times. She put 30 pounds on her athletic frame and realized after a couple of years that it was...

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Margaret Murray

Concussion Led to Migraines in Teenager

The hit to her head when she collided with her teammate was so hard, Margaret Murray could no longer remember her team’s plays. She tried desperately to keep up with the varsity basketball game – she was a...

Read Margaret's story

Nick Marchesani

MS Patient

Nick Marchesani had always been active. But more than a decade ago he went from running five miles a day to a constant state of dizziness and nausea, vomiting each morning and ricocheting from one doctor to the next looking for the cause of his severe health decline.

Read Nick's story

Joe Revello

Advocate for MS

Multiple sclerosis has taken its toll on Joe Revello's body over the past 18 years, but the neurological disease has never squelched his positive spirit and his willingness to advocate for others with MS. Always searching for answers to the puzzles of MS and ways to...

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Christine Reyes

Uterine Fibroid Embolization Patient

Christine Reyes began having trouble with uterine fibroids in 2008. After an MRI was performed, she learned the mass was large and pressing on her bladder. Both Christine and her husband are physicians, she is...

Read Christine's story

Barbara Tillman

Cancer Survivor

Barbara Tillman, 67, a retired elementary school principal living in Fort Lee, chose to have her cancer protocol/treatment at Holy Name Medical Center. Upon Barb's receiving her specific colorectal cancer diagnosis in February 2011, by Drs. Ronald White...

Read Barbara's story

Family Genes & Cancer

1 Doctor. 1 Family. 4 Lives Changed

They are a close, extended family of sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles. They share vacations and holidays, burdens and joys. But they also have an expansive history of cancer: one sister had uterine cancer, and an aunt and cousin each...

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