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Opioid Management

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Opioid Management

Holy Name Medical Center recognizes the opioid epidemic is a multi-faceted crisis, and as a result, is taking a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together pain medicine clinicians, emergency doctors, pharmacists, primary care providers, nurses and other specialists to better understand the problem and implement solutions. The hospital is one of a few in the state to receive an Opioid Reduction Options (ORO) Grant from the New Jersey Department of Human Services, at the highest Gold Tier Award level, to help develop and implement a strategy to fight this epidemic.

Holy Name is committed to battling this health crisis through four key areas: education, prevention, treatment and recovery. Patients coming to the Medical Center can be assured they will receive the compassionate, skilled care they are used to receiving to improve their health and wellbeing without unnecessary prescriptions for opioid medications.

Emergency department physicians and other providers are taking a holistic approach in addressing patients' pain and the potential of developing opioid use disorder. They are reducing the number of opioid prescriptions by using evidence-based protocols that are alternatives to opioid options for controlling pain in a humane and compassionate manner.

To assist those with an addiction disease, Holy Name can help connect patients with the NJ Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources and the Opioid Overdose Recovery Program.