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Holy Name Medical Center Surgeon Named President of the Medical Society of New Jersey

Dr. John Poole Holy Name Medical Center Surgeon Dr. John Poole, attending surgeon and medical staff president at Holy Name Medical Center, will be inaugurated as the 226th President of the Medical Society of New Jersey (MSNJ) on May 5, 2018.

"Dr. Poole is a leader and advocate for patients and physicians alike," said Larry Downs, CEO of MSNJ. "His knowledge and advocacy experience on the hospital, state, and national level make him an invaluable asset to our organization. On behalf of MSNJ and our physician members throughout the state, we are proud to welcome Dr. Poole to his new role as our new president."

"Dr. Poole is equally at home in the operating room, the boardroom, and the New Jersey State House. He is dedicated to his patients, is beloved by his staff, and is a true champion of Holy Name," said Michael Maron, president and CEO of Holy Name. "We congratulate Dr. Poole on this accomplishment and look forward to seeing him excel in this role."

Dr. Poole chairs both the New Jersey delegation to the AMA's House of Delegates and the Medical Society of New Jersey's Political Action Committee, and he is an active participant in establishing policy on medical and governance matters. He is also former president of the Bergen County Medical Society and, last year, was part of the inaugural class of the New Jersey Healthcare Executive Leadership Academy's "Improving Care at the End of Life."

"This is a tremendous nod to Dr. Poole's expertise, skill, and passion for bringing health issues to the forefront," said Adam Jarrett, MD, MS, chief medical officer at Holy Name. "He has spent time educating our legislators about healthcare reform, palliative and hospice care, tort reform, affordable health insurance, and gun violence. His impact and influence has been and will continue to be far-reaching."

Dr. Poole currently serves as president of the medical staff at Holy Name, where he has been an attending surgeon since 1987. Dr. Poole has held the positions of chief of general surgery and was a member of the Board of Trustees.

He has also served as the sole volunteer at Holy Name's charity surgical clinic for more than 20 years and currently provides free care to uninsured Bergen County residents through the Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative.

"As incoming president, I look forward to representing New Jersey's physicians during this important time of transformation for our healthcare system," said Dr. Poole. "As our doctors navigate a new and challenging regulatory environment, it's important we work to collaborate with hospitals, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies to provide innovative and affordable care to our patients. And now more than ever, it's critical that MSNJ have a seat at the table with Governor Murphy, legislators, and policymakers on a wide range of issues that will have a tremendous impact on how we deliver care."