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Holy Name Medical Center’s Russell Berrie Institute for Simulation Learning is the Only Program in New Jersey to Earn Accreditation from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare

The Russell Berrie Institute for Simulation Learning at Holy Name Medical Center is now the only fully accredited program in New Jersey. The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) recently granted accreditation to Holy Name in the areas of teaching/education and systems integration.

"This accreditation validates the efforts of our healthcare team, highlights the power of community support, and showcases the successful results of our innovative approach to improving quality care and patient safety,” said Michael Maron, president and CEO of Holy Name Medical Center. “We look forward to continuing to make an impact in this transformative and expanding field."

"The Russell Berrie Foundation is proud to support The Russell Berrie Institute for Simulation Learning, which has become a trusted resource for providers in the state," said Angelica Berrie, president of the The Russell Berrie Foundation. "By providing cutting-edge training to healthcare professionals, this program truly aligns with our mission to improve the quality of life for the people of New Jersey."

SSH seeks to improve performance and reduce errors in patient care through the use of simulation in training and education. Full SSH Accreditation recognizes simulation programs with a minimum of two years of experience that show demonstrated outcomes for each of these Core Standards: Mission & Governance, Program Management, Resource Management, Human Resources, Program Improvement, Ethics, and Expanding the Field.

"Earning accreditation is a rigorous and thorough process," said Andrew Spain, MA, NCEE, EMT-P, Director of Accreditation and Certification, SSH. "Simulation centers experience a peer-reviewed, customized evaluation of their healthcare simulation programs to determine if they meet the Accreditation standards. Since launching in 2010, more than 103 simulation programs from 13 countries have earned accreditation."

Holy Name's Institute for Simulation Learning is a 4800 square-foot facility where real world life threatening scenarios unfold in a high-tech, controlled environment. Those scenarios include responding to trauma, drug overdoses, complications during childbirth and heart attacks. The hands-on training and education program uses patient simulators that speak, breathe, and bleed. Holy Name's simulation experts work with physicians, nurses, first responders, students, and other members of the community. Simulation education is not limited to teaching technical skills, but also can help to enhance cultural competency, sensitivity, communication, and more.

For information about The Russell Berrie Institute for Simulation Learning at Holy Name Medical Center, visit www.simulationlearning.org.