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COVID-19 Information Line: 201-227-6096 - 8AM-6PM (M-F)

How we are keeping you safe

Isolation Rooms with Negative Pressure

We maintain many isolation rooms with negative pressure. Negative pressure prevents cross-contamination from room to room through a ventilation system that allows air to flow into the room, but not escape the room. Air removed from the room is passed through a HEPA filter before expelled harmlessly into the air outside the hospital.


All linen and scrubs will have an injected with silver ions on each wash cycle. Silvaclean converts regular scrubs and linens to antimicrobial textiles.

Swabbing stations

We have created internal and drive-by swabbing stations where patients can be safely swabbed while under negative pressure or outdoors. The drive by station will allow a significant volume of testing anticipated during flu season.

Bipolar Ionization systems

These are systems that add ions to the air supply which are delivered to the spaces they serve through the HVAC system. The positive and negative ions attach to small airborne particles and give the particles positive or negative charges. This created a snowball effect - making the particles larger and easier to filter. In addition - the ions attack the outer surface of viruses - including covid - thus killing the virus on contact. We currently have these systems installed in HNH Fitness, Villa Marie Claire, ICU, 3 Chadwick, the cafeteria, and the ED.