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Current Visitor Policies

Our visitor policy has changed to welcome back patient visitors into the Medical Center, seven days a week, from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. only and with these guidelines:

  •  Each patient is allowed two visitors, including pediatric patients.
  •  One visitor with a patient in the Emergency Department.
  •  Except for patients with COVID-19 symptoms. A visitor will not be allowed to wait with a patient who may be COVID-positive.
  •  One support person for a woman delivering a baby.
  •  One person to accompany a patient undergoing an outpatient procedure, who will be allowed to stay with the patient prior to the procedure only.
  •  Signing into the visitor kiosk will still be required.
  •  Vendors and salespeople are allowed into the Medical Center and must adhere to all visitation policies.
  •  All visitors must be over age 18 and will be screened upon arrival, including a temperature scan, and instructed to use good hand hygiene.

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