Please Note: Consistent with measures recommended by the CDC and in concert with the proactive response by Holy Name Medical Center, the Sister Claire Tynan School of Nursing is continuing lecture classroom instruction in a virtual environment for the Winter/Spring 2021 semester. Skills labs will be held on campus following the School of Nursing COVID-19 Safety Policy outlined on page 50 of the 2020-2021 Student Handbook. Clinical experiences continue to be conducted at the Medical Center, where extensive precautions are being taken to protect our nursing students, staff, patients, families and visitors. Please visit our website,, for the latest updates and information.

Sister Claire Tynan School of Nursing

Nursing is a unique, humanitarian, practice-oriented discipline whose central purpose is assisting individuals and their loved ones with their health-related needs. Nursing is the largest healthcare profession in the United States, and the demand for nursing professionals continues to rise steadily.

To start a successful nursing career, or to advance one's nursing education, choosing the right school is vital. Several factors must be considered, from the thoroughness of the program to how effective it is at helping launch a career after graduation. The school should be comprehensive in its approach, and should prepare the student for the demands of a career in nursing.

The Sister Claire Tynan School of Nursing at Holy Name Medical Center (formerly known as the Holy Name Medical Center School of Nursing) has educated tomorrow's nursing professionals since 1925. The School of Nursing provides a highly competitive academic education with early clinical experience, while instilling critical thinking skills and the ethical values that are essential to caring for the whole person. Sister Claire Tynan School of Nursing standards are high; employers in a broad range of nursing environments know this, making the school's graduates highly desirable job candidates.