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Medical Care

Patients & Visitors

About Holy Name Medical Center About Holy Name Medical Center

Key Phone Numbers

  • Medical Center Operator

  • 201-833-3000

  • Physician Referral Service

  • 877-HOLY-NAME (465-9626)

  • Patient Information

  • 201-833-3300

  • Foundation (Donations)

  • 201-833-3187

  • Human Resources

  • 201-833-7040

  • Medical Staff Office

  • 201-833-3352

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For More Information:

  • Holy Name Medical Center Senior Management

      Michael Maron - President and Chief Executive Officer

      Adam Jarrett, MD, MS, FACHE- Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

      Sheryl Slonim, DNP, RN-BC, NEA-BC, APN-C - Executive Vice President, Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer

      Kyung Hee Choi - Vice President, Asian Health Services

      Manny Gonzalez - Vice President, Human Resources

      Sai Kandamangalam - Vice President/Chief Information Officer

      Ryan Kennedy, CPA - Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

      Maryann Kicenuik, Esq. - Vice President, Legal Affairs

      Steven L. Mosser - Vice President, Facilities Management

      Sean O'Rourke - Vice President, Administration

      Kristen L. Silberstein - Chief Experience Officer, Vice President of Patient Engagement

      Catherine A.V. Yaxley, CPA, MBA, RN - Vice President, Planning and Government Affairs

      Deborah Zayas, RN MPA, NE BC, - Vice President, Nursing

  • Holy Name Medical Center Board of Trustees

      David Butler, MD

      Ted A. Carnevale, CPA

      Dale A. Creamer

      Maureen Donohue

      Michael R. Dressler, Esq.

      Joseph A. Frascino, MD - Vice-Chairperson

      Fernando Garip

      John M. Geraghty - Chairperson

      Salvatore Laraia, MD

      Daniel Leber

      Michael Maron - President/CEO

      Sister Antoinette Moore, CSJP

      Sister Barbara Moran, CSJP - Secretary

      Joseph Parisi, Jr.

      John Poole, MD - President, Medical Staff

      Edwin H. Ruzinsky, CPA - Treasurer

      Leon Temiz

  • Medical Executive Committee Officers and Positions

      Ronald White, MD - President

      John Poole, MD - Vice President

      Randy Tartacoff, MD - Secretary

      Joseph Manno, MD - Treasurer

      Benjamin Rosenbluth, MD - Medical Chiefs Representative

      Harris Sterman, MD - Surgical Chiefs Representative

      Adam Palance, MD - Member at Large

      Suraj Saggar, DO - Member at Large

  • Medical Staff Directors/Division Chiefs

      Dr. David Ryu - Dept. of Anesthesia

      Dr. Richard Schwab and Dr. Randy Tartacoff (co-directors) - Dept. of Emergency Medicine

      Dr. Ohan Karatoprak - Dept. of Family Practice

      Dr. John Rundback - Dept. of Interventional Radiology

      Dr. Michael Denker - Dept. of Medicine

      Allergy: Dr. Patrick Perin

      Cardiology: Dr. Angel Mulkay

      Dermatology: Dr. Fredric Haberman

      Endocrinology: Dr. Joseph Schwartz

      Gastroenterology: Dr. Michael Schmidt

      Infectious Disease: Dr. Mihran Seferian

      Internal Medicine: Dr. Michael Denker (interim)

      Nephrology: Dr. Alexander Vitievsky

      Neurology: Dr. Lorraine Lira

      Oncology: Dr. Yadyra Rivera

      Psychiatry: Dr. Sharad Wagle

      Pulmonary Medicine: Dr. Victor Gorloff

      Radiation Oncology: Dr. Benjamin Rosenbluth

      Rehabilitative Medicine: Dr. Michael Denker (Interim)

      Rheumatology: Dr. Neil Gonter

      Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology: Dr. Christopher Englert

      Dept. of Pathology: Dr. Drew Olsen

      Dept. of Pediatrics: Dr. Harry Banschick

      Dept. of Radiology: Dr. Jacqueline Brunetti

      Dept. of Surgery: Dr. Joseph Manno

      Dentistry: Dr. Stephen Haber

      General Surgery: Dr. Joseph Manno

      Neurosurgery: Dr. Roy Vingan

      Ophthalmology: Dr. Andrew Brown

      Orthopedics: Dr. Raphael Longobardi

      Otolaryngology: Dr. David Lewis

      Podiatry: Dr. Ritchard Rosen

      Plastic Surgery: Dr. Harris Sterman

      Thoracic Surgery: Dr. Ignatios Zairis

      Urology: Dr. Vincent Lanteri

      Vascular Surgery: Dr. Kenneth Fried