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Medical Care

Patients & Visitors

About Holy Name Medical Center About Holy Name Medical Center

Key Phone Numbers

  • Medical Center Operator

  • 201-833-3000

  • Physician Referral Service

  • 877-HOLY-NAME (465-9626)

  • Patient Information

  • 201-833-3300

  • Foundation (Donations)

  • 201-833-3187

  • Human Resources

  • 201-833-7040

  • Medical Staff Office

  • 201-833-3352

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Patient Accommodations

Leave Your Valuables At Home

Jewelry, cash, credit cards and other valuables should be sent home with a family member while you are Medical Centerized. Please don’t have more than a few dollars in cash with you while you are here. Please be careful with your dentures, hearing aids and eyeglasses. Do not wrap them in tissues or napkins, or leave them on your meal tray. Holy Name Medical Center cannot accept responsibility for the loss of valuables kept in your room.


To ensure effective communication with patients and their companions who are deaf, hard of hearing or who have speech impairments, we provide appropriate sign language interpretation via auxiliary aids free of charge. Language Line is available to help our non-English speaking families, offering interpretation of more than 170 languages via telephone or video system. Please ask your nurse for assistance.


Valuables that cannot be sent home with a family member can be stored in the medical center safe. These items can be retrieved upon discharge between 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM In the case of late discharge, call the Security Department at 201-833-3108 and they will assist you.

Cell Phones

Cellular phones may be used in non-patient care areas such as waiting rooms, reception and the Patio Grill. Please be courteous.

Patient Transport

During your stay, you may require testing in a diagnostic area outside your room. Our patient transporters will escort you to the testing area via the most comfortable mode possible.


Mail is delivered weekdays to each nursing unit. Letters arriving after your discharge will be forwarded to your home address.

Public Wireless Access

Public Wireless Access is available at select locations throughout the medical center, including the Main Lobby and The Patio Grill.

Patient Bedside Phone, Television and Internet Service

We are pleased to offer our patients the latest in bedside entertainment systems, including phone, television and internet service.

This program offers:

  • Unlimited local and domestic long distance calling, as well as television and internet access.
  • The daily fee for the combined service is $12, tax included, per 24-hour period.
  • To enable this service simply touch the screen and press the "Buy Service" icon.
  • Payment can be made by a credit card or a gift card. Gift cards for the Bedside Entertainment System may be purchased in the Gift Shop or through the vending machine in the lobby.
  • To activate service with a credit card, follow the onscreen instructions and swipe the card through the slot on the right side of the screen.
  • Paying with a credit card will give you 3 days of service. After each 24-hour period, you will be asked to confirm that you want to continue service for the next 24-hour period. Once the third day is over, you will again need to swipe a credit card to continue service.
  • To activate a gift card, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Please understand there is no obligation to sign up for this service. If you choose not to participate in the bedside entertainment service, you will still receive incoming calls, have the ability to call within the medical center and watch educational programming on the television.

List of Television Channels

  • 1 Light Classic (Music Only)
  • 2 Easy Listening (Music Only)
  • 3 Soft Rock (Music Only)
  • 4 Golden Oldies
  • 2 CBS
  • 4 NBC
  • 5 FOX
  • 6 Channel 41 (Spanish)
  • 7 ABC
  • 8 Telemundo
  • 9 UPN
  • 10 BBC USA
  • 11 PIX
  • 12 BET
  • 13 WNET
  • 14 Chapel Service
  • 15 Newborn Channel
  • 16 Patient Channel
  • 17 CNN
  • 18 Headline News
  • 19 CNBC
  • 20 MSNBC
  • 21 ESPN
  • 22 ESPN2
  • 23 Sprout
  • 24 TNT
  • 25 YTN
  • 26 TBS
  • 27 Nick Toons
  • 28 USA
  • 29 Noggin
  • 30 Discovery
  • 31 TLC
  • 32 AMC
  • 33 In-House Messages
  • 34 Family
  • 35 Cartoon Network
  • 36 Weather Channel
  • 39 EWTN
  • 40 ESPNews
  • 41 MBC (Korean)
  • 42 ESPN Classic
  • 43 SBS (Korean)
  • 44 Bloomberg
  • 45 SBS+ (Korean)
  • 46 CSPAN2
  • 48 Fox News
  • 49 Animal Planet
  • 51 Tech TV
  • 52 HGTV
  • 54 Food Network
  • 56 Travel
  • 68 Telefutura (Spanish)



Flowers are accepted and delivered to your room by a medical center volunteer, Monday through Sunday, between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM Flowers are not permitted in the Intensive Care Unit or in isolation rooms. Garden flowers may not be brought into any medical center patient area.

Meals and Room Service

  • Your doctor will determine the diet best suited for your medical needs.
  • Upon your physician’s order, nutrition counseling will be provided by the dietitian. Continued nutrition counseling following discharge is available by calling 201-833-3663.
  • After your tests have been completed, your nurse will notify the Food and Nutrition Services Department of your prescribed diet.
  • Next to your bed you will find a Room Service Dining Menu. When you are ready to select your choices, pick up the phone on your Bedside Entertainment System and press the FOOD ordering icon. A diet clerk will answer your call and take your selections. You will receive your meal within 45 minutes. You may place an order anytime between the hours of 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM If a patient is unable to order, family members can ask nursing for a take-home menu, which will explain how they can call from home to order meals for the patient.
  • We offer our menu in many different languages.
  • Registered dietitians are available on all patient units. If you have any questions regarding your diet and/or meal service, ask your nurse to notify Food and Nutrition Services or speak directly to your dietitian.
  • Many people choose vegetarian diets for personal, health or religious reasons. A Hallal menu Kosher menu, and Korean menu are all available upon request.
  • Guest meals are available for visitors for a nominal fee. Visitors can purchase a Guest Meal Certificate from a Visitor Dining Location: Starbucks, The Patio Grill and a vending area are all located on the lobby level. Hours of operation for the Patio Grill are 8:00 AM to 1:30 AM

Environmental Services

Patient rooms are maintained by the Environmental Services Department. Concerns can be directed to that department by calling 201-833-3176 between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM After hours and on weekends, dial "0" for operator. Smoking Holy Name Medical Center and its surrounding grounds are smoke-free areas. Smoking is prohibited on the campus. For smoking cessation classes, please call 1-877-465-9626 or 1-866-NJ-STOPS.