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COVID-19 Information Line: 877-275-6968 - 8AM-6PM (M-F)

Register to Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine

Please read before registering:


  •  Please note our text (SMS messaging) system is experiencing delays.
  •  Please rely on email as your primary source of registration confirmation. This email will state that your registration is successful.


  •  Check your spam.
  •   If you do not receive a verification code via text or email after completing your registration, please go back and fill in the form again. We apologize for the inconvenience.


  •   As you begin to complete each section of the address field, options will appear. Click on the correct option before moving on to the next section of your address. (For example: If you type Teaneck into the City section, wait for Teaneck to generate in that field, and then select Teaneck.)

Holy Name Medical Center has partnered with the Township of Teaneck to convert the Rodda Community Center into a large-scale vaccination center. Teaneck’s generosity in providing this ideal community resource for such an endeavor is unprecedented and will assist all of northern New Jersey in gaining access to the COVID-19 vaccine more efficiently and conveniently.

Now, with a more consistent flow of vaccine shipments on the horizon, we have launched a new website that will remain open so that everyone can complete their registration information at their own pace. To register, please click below.

Start your COVID-19 vaccine registration

Please note our new process:

  •  Once registered, you will be put into a queue. In order to accomplish that successfully, it is essential that you have filled out your registration form completely and accurately.
  •  As we receive vaccines, we will send scheduling links via email and text to those in the completed registration queue. We will send links only to those we can accommodate, based on available vaccines.
  •  Each registered individual will receive a unique code that is not transferable and can be used only once within 12 hours of receipt. This code will enable the recipient to select the date and time slot most convenient for their schedule.
  •  Please be aware, walk-ins will not be accepted. We carefully map each dose of vaccine to each preregistered recipient.

We hope this new system of ongoing registration and scheduling will relieve some of the anxiety associated with registering for a vaccine.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding, and we look forward to seeing you at the Rodda Center.